Shipper’s Crib

Shipper’s Crib is an online shipping solutions that let’s the user / merchant manage your logistic needs with ease.

Shipper’s Crib offers features that brings comfort to user’s day to day online transactions, that includes the following:

  • Online booking

    • No more phone calls, no more sending of text messages. User can now schedule booking of pick up without leaving their computer.
    • User can also book a pick up ahead of time or do multiple bookings on different dates.
  • Create and print waybill

    • User can now create and print their own waybill. This is advisable for shipper who send more than 5 shipments a day.
  • Email notification

    • This is applicable only for waybills that are created and printed online. With this feature, shipper’s consignee will be notified through their email address from the time the waybill was created up to the delivery of the package.
  • Ship and track

    • Shipper’s Crib provides its user the ease to view and track all their shipments at once.
  • Frequent shipper seal

    • Frequent Shipper Seal (FSS) is a widget that can be placed on the user / merchant’s site or online store. This shows the total number of shipments that the user / merchant have with ERIM.