How to post your Frequent Shipper Seal on Facebook

Greeting Frequent Shipper Caviteños!

We are pleased to show you steps on how to post your ERIM Express Frequent Shipper Seal on Facebook. These steps applies to both Fan Pages and Personal Pages.

In this simple tutorial, we will be using Facebook’s Notes. Most users do not use this feature and ignore it. But for us, the frequent shippers of ERIM Express, will use this to let the world know that we are Frequent Shippers and are certified merchants (for some).

Let us move on.

Step 1

On your Facebook profile page, click on Notes. If you have not upgraded to the new Facebook profile page, Notes can be found on your Tabs.

Your Facebook profile may look like this

Step 2

Click on Write a Note. Your Write a Note page will look something like this:

this is the page where you can write your notes

Step 3

Open a new browser tab (or window). On the new tab (or window), point your browser to ERIM Express Frequent Shipper Verifier and fill in your Shipper Code. Once the Frequent Shipper page appears, copy the code generated at the bottom of the page.

your code is enclosed in the text box

Step 4

Go back to your Write Note page. Add a Title for this note then paste your shipper code on the Body (you may add some texts if you want). You should have something like this:

You may want to tag ERIM Express in your notes.

Step 5

Click on preview to see if your Frequent Shipper Code is intact. Your Frequent Shipper Seal should appear in the preview like so:

a preview of your Note

If you are satisfied with your Note, click Publish.

That’s it! Your ERIM Express Frequent Shipper Seal is now on Facebook!

  • Hi, how can i get a shippers’s code? thank you

    • May I know your name Ma’am? thank you

      • FMVSweetbutterflySHOP

        How can I get my shipper’s code for Multiply account and fb?

  • me too,how can i get my shipper’s code?

  • luna

    the codes won’t appear after I verified my shipper code. 🙁

  • Hi I have shipped several items using my name but that’s all my shop’s item. how can i connect them all with my shop’s fb account? i only SMS erim everytime that i book for shipments.

    • sorry for we currently do not support multiple/connecting of accounts. each user is allowed to have one account only. however, we can consolidate these account into one. if this is acceptable, kindly email the shipper codes used and the shipper code where the accounts will be consolidated. thanks